Supporting communities around the globe

Thank you for helping support the mission and vision of Passionate Life Church! We believe that God's loves a cheerful giver and he blesses us for trusting Him with our finances. Your gifts are vital to reaching the lost, hurting, and broken, as well as tax-deductible. We want you to know that your investment impacts God's Kingdom here locally as well as around the world!

Thank you.




We want to give God our first fruits and trust Him with our money. We trust God that the windows of heaven will open up and pour out a blessing on this House and on every family that puts Him first in their finances. We believe this is Biblical obedience to God’s Word and breaks the spirit of greed in our lives. Thank you for putting God’s Kingdom first!

New Testament Principle: Matthew 19:21, Matthew 23:23

Old Testament Principle: Malachi 3:10

Missions & Outreach

We support over 15 different missions around the world! The Kingdom of God is larger than just Passionate Life Church, and we want to bless those who have been called in different ways for God’s glory. If you would like more information on which organizations we support, you can email us at 

Support our in-house Outreach, Bundle of Joy (Supporting families who have chosen life). Email:


We believe in making disciples of all ages! If you would like to support our youth by reaching out and blessing the students around us, we would appreciate your generosity. Our next generation is important to us. If you have any questions about our Youth, you can email:


Kids: Crafts, prizes, and family activities are great ways to engage our kids to become little disciples! If you would like to bless our kids, please consider donating. You can get more information regarding Kids Ministry by emailing: