I’m New.

We believe that you belong right when you walk through the front doors. We don’t have membership because it’s about being at HOME and knowing your value by just being here. It’s about a community of people doing life together and welcoming everyone to come along the journey.

Why is is so important to get connected? There are multiple verses in the Bible that tell us and show us the power in being together, having a support system, having people to celebrate with, and a group of people to love you in every season. You have to experience the community to really understand the value of having it. Step out and allow others a long this journey of life with you.

There are our two main streams of connection here at PLC. Click the images to find out more on each of these streams of connection.

It’s all about being the best version of yourself, right? The best and only way to do that is finding your identity in Jesus and in who He says you are. It’s not about the DO. It’s about the WHO. You are God’s sons and daughters. He wants to help you grow in your understanding of His love for you first and foremost. Then He wants you to grow to become that love and life to others. How do you grow? Great question! It’s simple and sometimes the hurdle we all face… show up! Show up to the weekend services to learn, understand, be encouraged, and be a part of the community. Show up to a Life Group and ask questions, hear other’s stories, share your story, hear different perspectives of a life as a Christian, have a support system / friends, and grow. Show up to serve, give back, and make an IMPACT in this world. You belong and have a place here.
Go! “And then He told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.” Mark 16:15 (NLT) We believe in going into our backyard (our city) and going to other cultures outside of our city to share the love of Jesus. To GO means to step out of your comfort zone to make an IMPACT in other’s lives. Are you ready? Click the image to find out how you can be that IMPACT to your world.   
There are 2 types of leading in your Christian journey. There is ‘life roll’ leadership that impacts each person that is a part of your life. Whether you are at home, at work, with your extended family, or friends you are representing Jesus. You lead by example and living a God first life. A God first life doesn’t mean you are perfect. It means you are making God a priority in every area of your life. You talk to God daily about your life. You read God’s word and allow the truth of God to be a priority. You invite God into each area of your life.

The second way to be a leader as a Christian is by allowing God to use your talents and gifts in the context of your church community. Do you have a desire for a group that we don’t have? Maybe God has brought you to PLC to start that group. Being a part of an IMPACT team is leading through your actions and service to God. You are making an IMPACT through your commitment and passion for God’s house. That is leadership!

God has called everyone to lead in both of these areas.

How can we journey with you on your next steps? Please send us any questions you may have. We’d love to hear from you!

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